The questions are displayed on label objects, and the answers are to be typed into textbox objects. Back to VBA Visual Basic for Applications (Microsoft) FAQ Index Back to VBA Visual Basic for Applications (Microsoft) Forum Re: SetFocus on Multi Page UserForm. You can only SetFocus to an Enabled control that is on the currently selected MultiPage. here is code to load Sub show_myform() … SetFocus.

Remember that page numbers begin at 0 unless base option is changed from 0 to 1. expression A variable that represents a Form object. I doubt that I set the form up correctly, so I won't bore you with the code, its gotta be 600 lines by now.

Using the keydown event, the code submits as an answer whatever text is entered into the textbox of the active tab of the multipage. I have managed to set focus to the second page after i update the combobox which is the last control on the first page.

Remarks. If you check MultiPage.Value before attempting to SetFocus, you can choose to set the focus only when the relevant MultiPage page is in focus, or you could change MultiPage.Value to the page on which the control is, then use SetFocus. To read some of the properties of a control, you need to ensure that the control has the focus. You can use the SetFocus method when you want a particular field or control to have the focus so that all user input is directed to this object. Excel VBA; Multi Page Control -Setting Focus ; Posted by Angie Dickinson on October 25, 2001 9:25 AM. Solved: SetFocus on Control In MultiPage Background: I'm automating a group of letters that are currently all manual entry, by providing a UserForm with textboxes, so that the users can fill out all the info, click generate, and have their info populate to the letter. I have a multi page control which has 4 pages. The userform contains a multipage, for various types of questions. Page1 has 8 textboxes - Text1 through Text8 and 3 comboboxes I would like Text1 to receive focus so data can be entered. My code worked fine on a regular userform but when I changed to a multipage Text1 does not receive focus - I am stumped. マルチページのプロパティマルチページはページタブをクリックして、ページを切り替えるコントロールです。各ページに異なるコントロールを配置できるのでさまざまな構成のページをまとめることができます。すべてのページに共通のコントロールを表示する場合 Thats because I'm just getting into the whole "VBA thing" for work. Thanks for the reply norie, Well the books way too big to post, and your probably right.. The first line changes the multipage forms focus to page 2 and the second is your standard object setfocus syntax. Appreciate any help. Userform1 has a multipage with two pages.

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