Just say you won't let go Just say you won't let go I wanna live with you Even when we're ghosts 'Cause you were always there for me When I needed you most I'm gonna love you 'til My lungs give out I promise 'til death we part Like in our vows So I wrote this song for you Now everybody knows That it's just you and me Until we're grey and old Sign in to like videos, comment, and subscribe. Check out the latest music videos, trailers, comedy clips, and everything else that people are watching right now. 50+ videos Play all Mix - Bertie Higgins - Casablanca (Lyrics) YouTube Bertie Higgins - "Casablanca" Tour Promo (2009) - Duration: 4:32. Sign in. Loading... Watch Queue Queue. !

The Complete Version of Red Like Roses Part II (Not the version from episode 8 of Roosterteeth's animated show RWBY) by Jeff and Casey Lee Williams and featuring Sandy Casey! WRLD may have also referenced the situation in “Armed and Dangerous,” which inclu [歌詞和訳はこちらのサイトから →およげ!対訳くん] そして、この彼らのオリジナルソング 「 Live It On Up 」 MVも貼っちゃいます。 Try to make you smile and happy! Watch Queue Queue. __count__/__to Bertie Higgins 4,175,742 views

The pulse of what's trending on YouTube. I don’t really trip on money, especially with a song like that, with the reaction it’s had from everybody. Watch Queue Queue. The Chainsmokers & Coldplay - Something Just Like This (Lyric) 【歌詞】 The Chainsmokers "Something Just Like This" (with Coldplay) 和訳サイト(別窓) <以下、歌詞の一部を抜粋> I'm not looking for somebody With some superhuman gifts Some superhero Some fairytale bliss Just something I can turn to Somebody I can kiss Remove all; Disconnect; The next video is starting stop.

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