I recently replaced the original set with some bought in a hurry from Halfords, I can't remember the make. Aperçu rapide. The Hayes CX5 mechanical disc brakes have been getting a lot of good comments from many brands we’ve spoken too over the past years. 3 neufs et reconditionné à partir de 57,90 EUR. Specifically designed for cross-country racing, the Hayes CX Expert Disc Brake + 160mm Rotor gives you fantastic stopping power and control on your XC bike. Specifically designed for cross-country racing, the Hayes CX Expert Disc Brake + 160mm Rotor gives you fantastic stopping power and control on your XC bike.

64,96 EUR. The Hayes CX Expert cable actuated disc brake is a post mount disc brake which includes a 160mm rotor. Hayes CX Expert brake pads. Hayes CX Expert Mechanical Disc Brake nbspRacing down PCH Pacific Coast Highway at 55mph on your bike requires serious stopping power. Using a single cam system allowing light brake action, the CX Expert is fully adjustable and allows you to run discs with your conversional mechanical groupset. Afficher des objets similaires. Haute qualité, fiabilité extrême et innovation permanente sont ses maîtres mots. Starting with placement on Indy Fab’s NAHBS show bike, they’ve been spec’d on bikes from Ridley, GT, Trek and lots more.. And since I was looking for something other than a hydraulic conversion kit for my own cyclocross bike, I wanted to give them a … 29 Aug 2016 #1 Top; Can someone recommend brake pads for my Hayes CX mechanical discs. PPC : 64,95 € Se connecter au B2B Devenir Revendeur. MX-2/MX-3/MX-4/MX-5/CX Patins de frein. Amikor a használat közben a fék elkezd nyikorogni, az jelzés lehet, hogy a fékpofa elérte a kopáshatárt. The CX Expert is a disc brake caliper for your road bike. The Expert doesn’t get the neat ‘CrossHair’ position adjuster screws of the Pro to help sideways positioning either.

Les CX-5 vous donnent la puissance de freinage et la modulation que vous ne pouvez pas atteindre avec des freins cantilever traditionnels. Hayes CX Expert Disc Brake + 160mm Rotor. I’ve just ordered a 2014 Croix De Fer today and noticed that it comes with Hayes CX Expert brakes, I was expecting BB7, should I be disappointed? Construit avec les exigences de cyclocross à l'esprit, le frein à disque Hayes CX-5 est fabriqué en aluminium forgé et poli pour lui donner ce look accrocheur. These brake pads eliminate or reduce the squeaks and squealing disc brakes can make in certain conditions. 6,99 EUR de frais de livraison. Gyakran feltett kérdések ebben a kategóriában (kinyit bezár) Mikor érett meg a fékpofa a cserére? 1. Description Whether you're competing or exploring new off-road routes on your XC bike, this mechanical disc … The CX Expert is to be used with short pull STI Drop or Cantilever … Frein HAYES CX Expert + Disque V5 140 mm Compatible avec les disques jusqu'au diamètre 180 mm. The problem with these new pads is that they slow the bike but to stop it dead … Frein HAYES Dominion A4 Noir/Bronze (avant) 199,96 EUR. Frein HAYES Dominion A2 Noir/Bronze (avant) Hayes CX5 Expert cable disc brakes review. Frein HAYES CX Expert + Disque V5 140 mm. 19,99 € (3) Afficher plus de produits Page 1 de. Hayes - Systèmes de freins à disque Expert des systèmes de freinage depuis plus de 60 ans, Hayes s'est imposé à travers le monde.

Get quieter braking and a high level of stopping power with the semi-metallic friction material of our mechanical brake pads.

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