Aside from the standard multiple output modes, the lights also boast Bluetooth connectivity to compatible Bontrager and Garmin computers allowing you to remotely … If you have a Fizik saddle than there are 3D printed mounts for the Bontrager Flare rt lights that click on the back of the saddle. The silicone strip doesnt look so nice on my seatpost but its a fast way to get the mount on/off the seatpost. We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock.

First, to clear up any confusion: Bontrager advertises the Flare as being a 65 lumen light, but that's only in the highest … Although you won’t be able to compare your time to your buddies, the real-time … The Bontrager RIDEtime Elite cycling computer combines what makes simple cycling computers so attractive – affordability, fast setup, easy to use – with modern connectivity and data displays. Optics and visibility. Thats what im gonna buy for my bike. The compact design, is entirely waterproof with its USB seals to prevent water getting in. Summary of Contents for Bontrager Ion Pro RT Page 1 Helmets (Blendr mount system) 22.2-31.8mm Adjustable Rack attachment separately) NOTE: When turned on Ion Pro RT, Ion 200 RT and the Flare RT will return to the last active mode.
You can even get a Fizik saddle custom made in different colors so it matches your frame. It features an integrated light sensor, where the light will auto adjust to the brightness surrounding you. You could … Making every ride safer, Bontrager's Flare RT is 36% smaller, 30% more powerful, and runs for 20% longer when compared to that of it predecessor, the Flare R. An updated USB port crucially seals out water on even the wettest rides, while its distinctive flash, focus, and range enable it to be seen from 2km away during daytime hours. The Flare R is Bontrager's first attempt at a modern taillight, and features many of the same well thought-out designs that were introduced with the Ion. The Bontrager Flare RT2 Rear Light’s 90 lumens output, can be seen from upto 2km away out on the road. So when Bontrager let us know a new one was available we jumped at the … The competition is tough though, especially for a $60 light, so let's see how the Flare fares. Altogether, it has 5 modes which can all be controlled, monitored and connected to your Garmin and Bontrager … With diminutive sizes, the Ion RT headlight and Flare RT taillight offer daytime visibility with decent run-time and USB rechargeable batteries.
The Bontrager RIDEtime Elite is a unique offering that fills that void, with a retail price of $69.99 and ANT+ connectivity. Bontrager helmet mount Bontrager seat post (PN 428462) clamp (PN 418932) 22.2 25.4 31.8 Bontrager seat pack clip Bontrager Sync bracket (PN W528503) Page 12 This is the manual for your Flare R. Check for updates at Customers who bought this item also bought. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1 . We love the Bontrager Flare R – it has been a regular member of our holiday gift guide since we first reviewed it AND it is a regular companion on every ride and run we take. sells those. 4.5 out of 5 stars 119 ratings | 12 answered questions Currently unavailable. This shopping feature will continue to load items when the Enter key is pressed. Bontrager - Flare R USB Tail Light by Bontrager. In order to navigate out of this carousel please use your heading … The Bontrager Ion RT and Flare RT light set are a great example of this transformation.

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