Is there a microsoft project function to do this?

The problem I have now is that there may be more than one window with the same title. Microsoft Project does provide a table namend MSP_TIMEPHASED_DATA, but due to Microsoft Project's performance reasons it is not stored in way that it would be easily extracted. The Application object contains:. For more information, please refer to the Windows API documentation. Is there a way to set the focus to a window using that window's handle rather than its title? It is easy to get complete tasks, resources or assignments work, units or cost, but getting this data split by weeks or months is a real pain. I have been using the AppActivate function in an Access application to set the focus to the window by using its title as called for by that function. Represents the entire Project application. I have 2 applications - a VSTO application (running as an addin inside MS Project) and a secondary application, which uses VBA to launch MS Project and call the addin.

AppActivate can also use the return value of the Shell function. I was under the impression that once the optimistic/pessimistic durations, and the nominal duration were defined, the running of the simulation would choose random values within that range to use for a particular task. The problem is I don't know the work around for this. (So perhaps a name like "WinActivate" describes the statement

Use a little pause, like Sleep 2000 (Sleep is API, use API viewer for … 4 months ago Daniel Roy posted a comment on discussion Help. IE Right now i am using the cost field but in project you can use the view usage and change the timescale to show it by month or quarter, that is the info I want to export out to excel. I did some research, most of which states that people do not like using the AppActivate function. For more information, please refer to the Windows API documentation. Microsoft… Okay, a new day, and the problem was solved. You have to give AppActivate the name of the window as it appears in the title bar.

Our community of experts have been thoroughly vetted for their expertise and industry experience. Shell is async - when your code reaches AppActivate, the app you started have not created its window.

Application-wide settings and options (many of the options in the Options dialog box on the Tools menu, for example).. Properties that return top-level objects, such as ActiveCell, ActiveProject, and so forth. Experts with Gold status have received one of our highest-level Expert Awards, which recognize experts for their valuable contributions. MyAppID = Shell("C:\WORD\WINWORD.EXE ", 1) ' Run Microsoft Word. Here is the code I am using to extract from project. It can be used to do just about everything that you can do manually in Microsoft Project but it can also do things which would be quite tedious or difficult to do manually. I've seems some suggestions to replace AppActivate "Microsoft Excel" with AppActivate (Application.Name).

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